Marked As Mine

by | May 31, 2020 | 0 comments

Happy New Year! Isn’t it great? We get to start all over again with new resolutions, new starts and of course that means I end up in the gym like hundreds of other women all over the country.

This year was a little different, however. I had a little more motivation then years before. The first day I fumbled with myself getting in the front doors, a tall handsome and clearly rushed man, stopped and held the door open. He was just finishing his workout, based on his wet hair and a wonderfully subtle scent of clean man.

Mental note: Come earlier tomorrow.

And that is exactly what I did. The next day, I made sure I was there an hour earlier. My early rise was worth the lack of sleep, as I rounded the corner of the main gym floor and there he was.

He was a vision standing tall; his ruggedly handsome face with some light stubble. Clearly, he didn’t shave yet this morning. The glistening sweat on his arms made his broad shoulder stand out while he did butterfly lifts with the free weights. I am such a sucker for good strong shoulders. The sheen, caught from the soft sunlight from the window, made him look simply delicious.

I walked over to the cardio machines and picked one that faced directly toward the free weight area. I assumed that he would stay facing the mirror to watch his form. Which he did for a few reps of different exercises. As I watched him, I start to breath faster, and my heart starts racing. I knew that it was not the very mild workout I was doing on the treadmill. I feel the flush of desire. I was warming up, as my body was getting hungry for this lovely specimen in front of me.
Suddenly, we caught each other’s eyes in the mirror. He held my gaze for the longest time. Then he changed up the exercise and turned to face me directly. The heat between our stare was unbearable. I blushed and had to lower my eyes. I quickly finished up on the machine, and practically ran to the change room.

The next day I went back to the gym and it seemed no matter what machine I worked on, he was directly in front of me. Staring at me with a gaze so hot, I could almost cum on the spot. For a few weeks this staring game continued, and every time, I would dart into the change room earlier and run out before he finished his workout and shower.

Then one day, I came out of the change room and literally walked right into him, while I was watching my phone instead of where I was going.

His body was hard but his catching of me was soft. Dropping my phone, he bent down to pick it up. As he stood back up, he locked in on my eyes with a hungry look.

“Is it just me or is there something going on here between us?” he asked.

I couldn’t even speak. I just kind of nodded. Almost cooing quietly under my breath, and shocking myself, I reached out and ran my fingers along his thick arm, up to and over his shoulder. I licked my lips and he just smiled. Grabbing my hand, he led me through some doors and to a back stairwell only used for emergencies.

The door barely closed and I was up against the wall with his weight pushing against me. His leg pressing hard against my core, enveloping his hot hungry mouth over mine, I was helpless under him.

My body grinding against his, my tongue duelling with his feverishly in a passionate kiss, my breasts crushed against his heavy pecks, it was all I could do to wrap my arms around his massive shoulders that started all this heat to begin with.

I wanted more. I needed more. I was ripping at his shirt and he took it off quickly, and then returned right to my mouth. His kiss was hard but his lips were soft. Every move of his tongue, made me want him more. I wanted him naked, I wanted to suck him, I wanted to fuck him. I wanted it all. Right there. Be damned the risk. It just made it feel even better.

He reached around with a powerful arm, grabbing a fistful of my hair and pulled down just hard enough, exposing the tender flesh of my neck. Lowering his head, he kissed a little trail down. Down from my neck. Down and over the top of my supple cleavage. Down and over the soft curves of my breasts, and then he affixed his greedy mouth on my nipple, sucking as if it was his last meal, weakening my knees in the process. Losing myself to the sensation of his heated tongue on my nipple, dancing in circles around and around and around, I melted even further into his embrace….

Pushing his chest back so I could get a good close up look, and yet I didn’t stop to appreciate what I saw. Instead, I went straight for his belt. Clawing at it to get it undone. In a rush, I got to what I craved. I pulled out his hard thick cock and took a minute to just lust for the treat in front of me.

Opening my mouth, I put that wondrous cock in my mouth and sucked hungrily… greedily…savagely. He watched as his shaft stretch my tiny mouth, moist with a mix of saliva and his juice. He tasted so good I didn’t want to stop. And he was more than willing to oblige my need.

He pumped my mouth over and over…deeper and deeper…harder and harder. I reached my hand up to massage his balls while internally vowing to suck his soul from him, straight thru his cock.

I was beyond aroused at this point…my already sopping wet pussy threatening to explode before even being touched. I just wanted to unleash and flood the entire building. I ached to grab my clit as I continued to suck on his cock.

“No”, he said. “I’ll tell you when.”

I thought I would lose my mind. I was sucking a thick hard piece of tasty meat, literally dripping pussy juice, and this man would not let me touch myself and hadn’t even really touched me himself either. He loved it; he loved seeing me struggle at his will. And he knew he would prevail and that just made me hotter for him.

He pushed me off of his shaft, his pre-cum dripping from my greedy lips. He turned me around so I was facing the wall. He then slowly reached down and removed my lulu-lemons. He took out one leg, then the next. He slowly grazed his fingertips along the back of my legs and up to my ass, as he raised himself back to his feet.

Slowly and softly, he slid his finger inside my wet pussy and from behind me, whisper in my ear with a groan, “you are already so wet for me”.

Continuing to tease me with his fingers, it was all I could do to hold myself up against the wall. I was dripping down my leg, so close to cumming and he stopped abruptly. I wanted to scream. But he didn’t make me wait long. He knocked my legs apparent further with his powerful legs, pull my ass out from the wall with his strong hands on my hips and set me on fire, thrusting the full length of this throbbing cock deep inside me.

I scream out in ecstasy, and he fucked me mercilessly. Filling me over and over with each push of his cock, gloriously sending me to what I had craved since I first saw him. He reached out and found my clit. He just held his hand there. As he pounded me from behind, I was grinding my clit against his hand. My clit was on fire. I felt my very sanity slipping as he fucked me. Pounding deep, over and over and over.

We were close, we were both so close. I felt his dick growing even thicker inside me, and I found myself silently begging him to let me cum. I needed to hear him say it. I needed to hear that he wanted it.

As if reading my mind, he took his left hand from my hip, holding me by my clit with right and not missing a beat, he pulled my hair aside from neck and whispered in a low growl “Cum for me, cum hard for me”.  I exploded with no hesitation.

Both hands on my hips now, he rode me through orgasm after orgasm.

His muscles flexed with his effort to delay his explosion. He grunted like an animal as his body crashed over and over into me. I felt him growing thicker right inside of me. Digging my nails in deep as I felt his cock tear through me.

His animalist nature grew and the next thing I knew, I was spun around, lifted off the ground, and pinned between his hot body in front of me and the cool wall behind me. It was luxurious.

He was fucking me. Fucking me right out of my mind. That thick veiny cock plowing in and out…in and out….in and out. As he held me airborne like some puppet for his pleasure.

I was soaked. My legs covered with the juices of my multiple orgasms. There was a puddle on the floor and still, he didn’t stop. He didn’t let up, and I just went I thought I could not take any more, I felt his cock jump inside and release a torrent of hot, silky creamy juices of his own.

And still, he didn’t stop. He kept the same pace, burring his mouth into my neck, growling through my skin as he came so hard, I didn’t think he would ever stop and I wanted it. I wanted every last thrust.

I was seeing stars as I came one last time and my body finally went limp. He lowered me to the ground, a quivering heap. I felt thoroughly used, exhausted and elated.

Breathing hard, he raised his head so he could look deep into my eyes.

“You are now marked…,” said he, “as mine!”