A Girl Named Fantasy

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Our journey this month starts off in a Strip club. Where? I do not know. How did I get there? That I don’t know either. Do I care? Nope, not at all.

As I take a look around the club, I see many beautiful women of all races, and more importantly, different breast sizes. So as I walk around to get a good look at where I am and all the wonderful women around me, I notice one dancer starring at me.

At first, I thought it was a bit strange, having a woman stare so hard, but I soon realized that she really wanted me. I could tell in her eyes, the way they followed me around the club, almost like a tiger stalking her prey. She was incredibly tiny, with blonde hair and DD breast. How can anyone not like being hunted by such a beauty? As I circled around to get a better look at her, she disappeared.

Next thing I know, I am being dragged out of the club and upstairs by a man I knew, but could not recall. His name was James, I knew that much. He kept saying,”Hurry up! Will you please move your ass! You are supposed to go on next.”

“You must be mistaken,” I said, “I haven’t danced in years,” I told him.

He just laughed as though it was the best joke he’d ever heard. “Your funny Jess, really funny. Put this one on, you can do a relaxed routine since you don’t seem to be in the mood.”

I have no idea what is going on, but I decide to go with the flow of things. Besides, maybe I can see the tiny blonde again. That is my hope.

So I go downstairs and up on stage and start my routine. Seems I already know all the moves, the music that is being played, everything that I need to know, I know. Strange but again, just going with the flow.

I am dancing around the stage, swinging around the pole, and rubbing my hands across my body. It felt good to be back on stage. Teasing and playing with my moves.

As I look around the room, I see my tiny tossible blonde friend just amazed by the show. She is staring like there is no one else in the room.  Her eyes have me locked on to her and only here.

Nothing could distract her from catching every movement of my body. So of course, I step it up a notch. Dancing a little softer, moving a little slower, sexier and never taking my eyes off her. I am not completely naked but I feel way overdressed, time for the top to at least come off. I dance around the stage in my stockings, garter and panties. Feeling wonderfully exposed to the cool air of the room, my nipples getting hard.

My tiny toy, as I know I will be playing with her as soon as I get a chance, just stares and licks her lips over and over again. As I come to my last song, it is time to bare all. I am going to do the blanket show, and I guess I previous picked the sexiest song I knew and as the music plays, the club gets really dark. The music is almost hypnotizing, and I can barely see a thing. Only the stage and her eyes, her eyes coming closer to me.

I close my eyes and continue to dance as to not let myself get distracted and then I get on the blanket on the floor. Does the crowd start to go nuts.? Of course, they do.

“About time,” I thought as I spread my legs wide for all to see. As I turn my head, I open my eyes, and I see my little friend again, but this time on the stage with me.

“I am sorry baby, but I could not wait,” she says.   “Wait for what?”I ask.

“I can’t wait anymore to taste you, I want your pussy right now”

This girl thinks she is big, ready to play with me! I was afraid I would hurt this little tiny body in front of me. I figured this petite little woman would need some tender loving, would be sweet and demure, but nope. She had a hunger in her eyes. It was the time all right. Time to show this little girl how things are done in the big world.

I crawl over to her and begin to undress her, at the same time looking straight into her eyes. I could corrupt her so bad and I was going to enjoy every minute of it. I pulled her over to the blanket but didn’t let her lay down just yet.

I spun her around to face the crowds and had to giggle to myself a bit because she kept her legs very closed. This girl was finally starting to show she was not as ballsy as she tries to let on. She was nervous and it was very obvious. It was cute, and sweet and just made me want to do very naughty things to her.

“Open your legs for me,” I say, very softly. “Spread them wide.”

She spreads her legs and oh my god, what a pussy! How could such a tiny girl have such a big beefy pussy? Was I ever in for a picnic. The crowd was yelling and screaming so there was only one thing to do, and that was to dive in.

I was hungry and ready to do just that, but I waited. Good things come to those who wait. So I gently teased her. Kissed along her ass, along her legs, along her inner thighs. She wanted more but I was not ready to give it all to her.

I reached my tongue into her slowly from underneath and wrapped my hand around her small waist to find her clit. Rubbing just a little. She was so responsive. Moving her hips, pressing herself against me more and more. She bends herself over and really starts going to town fucking my tongue, while I continue to rub her clit.

I was in La la land, but I stopped for a moment. I made her lay down in front of me, everything and everyone around me completely disappeared.  I wrapped my arms around her legs to spread them wider so that I could reach every inch of her pussy.

I began licking her right from the top of her pussy to the bottom. She was already in ecstasy and I had only just begun. After licking her with long strokes for while I began gently nibbling her clit and then sucking on it. I could hear her screaming in joy over the music.

This girl was going to cum right on the stage and I wanted her to. Her pussy tasted so incredibly sweet. I began working my tongue in circles around her wet little whole and I knew I was driving her crazy. She kept screaming don’t stop while holding my head hard to her pussy. She loved every minute of it as much as I did.

Once I was finished teasing her, I knew exactly what she wanted. I let my tongue enter her tight little pussy. I was actually tongue fucking this little girl on stage. She began riding my face. She was about to explode and I wanted her so badly. I wanted to taste her sweet juice as she came all over my face and tongue. I kept going harder and faster. I moved my fingers to her ass and inserted only one, barely but that was all she needed. I was probing both her holes and she was tossing and flipping on the stage. It was hard to try and hold her with only one hand, but I did and it was well worth it.

That little girl was so good, she came so hard for me, screaming in ecstasy the whole time, breathing hard and wiggling around until I released her.

“NOW baby, it is my turn!” She said

I lay back, spread my legs and say, “There you go baby, it is all yours if you can handle it!”

Well, she took the challenge and very well I might add. She began licking and licking and it felt so good. Such a young tongue licking my horny box, making it wetter and wetter. She was like a sinful snake teasing my clit.

Suddenly, she turns me over and starts licking my ass. This little girl can really go. She made it feel so good. I was in awe. The second last song had ended and the crowd start shouting for another song. I was glad they did, I didn’t want this little licking vixen to stop until I came.

She flipped me back over and began eating my ready to explode pussy again. She played with my clit and stuck two fingers inside my hot, warm, wet pussy. I completely forgot I was on stage now, I kept tossing and turning, moving and moaning. This little girl had an amazing tongue. I was now banging my back on the stage from her tongue fucking me.

I was screaming, “I am gonna cum, make me cum. Don’t stop, please don’t stop”


“Not yet, I don’t want to stop” she whispers between licks that she slowed down just enough to bring me back down slowing.


She stopped for a second and crawled up my body. Moving her way up to my tits, licking and sucking on my nipples. Giving me a chance to feel her body. Her soft, but lean body. She reached her tiny body up and kissed me, hard and with passion. She was hungry and she tasted sweet with my juices on her lips.

My pussy was throbbing in a need to cum, but I wanted this to last. It was just too enjoyable to stop. So I spun her around on top of me so we both could dine. Nice pink pussy and sweet tight asshole in front of me, the world simply disappeared around me and all I saw was what I wanted from her.

I slowly started to lap at her and as I did, I felt her do the exact same thing to me. She mirrored everything I did with such accuracy it was scary. And incredibly delightful. I was in an erotic daze. As I started to lick at her clit, she did the same to me. I slowly started to put one finger inside her wetness and I felt the same with her wonderfully soft finger slowly entering me, teasing me. I am fingering her with two fingers now, and I feel a second finger inside me, going in and out, digging a little deeper each time. Then I felt her starting to play with my ass. It felt so good, and I noticed I was already playing with her tight hole. I wanted more of her and wanted to feel more from her.

I am feeling wave after wave of pure bliss and she laps away at me. I am hungry for more of her. I want her to cum with me, and I am so ready to cum all over her. Licking her clit, harder and harder, fingering both her holes deeper and deeper, feeling her tongue on my clit, eating like it is her last meal with us both we are bucking and moaning, the build-up is so long and drawing that I am ready to beg for it!

Just as I think I can’t take anymore, I hear her scream she is cumming as I myself splash my juices all over her, in the most intense orgasm a woman has ever given me.

I collapsed on the stage, out of breath and in heaven. I had no idea where I was anymore and oddly enough, I didn’t even see or hear the crowd anymore either. I just saw her hovering over me with a glistening wet smile on her face.

“What is your name?” I asked.

“Whatever you want it to be, it is your fantasy.” She said softly.

“Wait, what?” I said confusingly to her

Then all of sudden, I am sitting up, in my bed. I just woke up. Confused, I could not believe it was all a dream. My pussy was still throbbing and wet, I was out of breath. I was in ecstasy.   I had never had a wet dream like that before, but I can’t wait until the next time I see my girl…………. now named Fantasy.